~ Our Story ~

Although my family owned a Boxer when I was a child, I also had various dogs before getting our foundation bitch in 2002. After two years of searching, and the recent passing of our Cocoa (a 13 year old Dachshund), I was told of Ms. Bubbles by Joy Howard of ASureBet Boxers. I fell in love and called Peggy Otto of PRO Boxers to introduce myself.

The ride down south to get Ms. Bubbles was more then perfect. It was August 20th, 2002 when we were introduced to our new girl! The kids seemed to be quite happy, as was I (hidden behind my nerves). I did notice my husband getting a little bit nervous when Bubbles' grand-dam stood over him on the back of the couch checking him out! However, she did approve of him and they bonded. Doug tried hard to persuade Peggy to let us take her keeper, however, I was quite happy with my choice of Ms. Bubbles. 

My husband, still missing 'Cocoa', vowed he wouldn't fall in love with Bubbles, however, it didn't take long for him to do so. He sat on the couch watching TV, she sat next to him, he glanced at her, she turned her head, he looked back toward the television (this happened two or three times), then - she breathed in his ear and it was love!

When we arrived home, I signed up for an obedience class and a handling class. Ms. Bubbles wanted to do nothing more than play. We spent countless hours trying hard to do the best we could. 

Time went on, and as per our contract with Peggy, I was required to show Ms. Bubbles and thus, she became my first show dog. 

Joy referred me to Carmen Skinner and G Hughes. I spoke to Carmen about handling Ms. Bubbles and the arrangements were made. Ms. Bubbles was delivered to Carmen and G two weeks prior to her first show to allow for some additional training. This show was very local for me, so of course, I had to go! You never saw a mom and two children trying so hard to hide! It turned out well and Bubbles took RWB. The following day she took WB, however, we were one bitch exhibit shy of a point. Well, the moment felt right anyhow! 

I signed her up for more shows but, of course, even though she is a 'show' dog, she is our baby too. We missed her and it was hard to think of showing weekly and not seeing her. Our bed just wasn't as warm! After seeing how well she did, I just couldn't stop with the 10 required shows, after all, she did win her first weekend and was pointed her second weekend out. She seemed to love the ring, she was taking reserves, and winning almost every weekend out. To my surprise, she finished quite quickly. 

Ms. Bubbles, PRO's Etched Upon My Heart (another win over name), went on to become CH PRO's Etched Upon My Heart. She took her final points in style with WB/BW/BOS and became our first 'Champion'. What a thrill!

Tiny Bubbles by Don Ho, sequenced by Deb Ackley

Marion Fay and Bubs Boxers

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